March Diamond Bride

March Diamond Bride

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Bride’s name: Brittany Feese

Date of Wedding: April 4, 2015

How they met: It was a “blind” date set up through mutual friends. Although with Facebook now-a-days, is there such thing as a blind date anymore?

How he proposed: We went to Peoria for a small getaway in April. We got a room at the Pere Marquette hotel, where he told me he loved me for the first time and they put us in a huge suite. Andy joked that he had asked for an upgrade and there must not have been a lot of people staying at the hotel that night. We went to dinner at Jim’s Steakhouse downtown. I kept making jokes about getting the early bird special because he made reservations for 5 PM. Little did I know it was all part of the plan. We started talking about marriage at dinner and I said that I would know when he was going to propose because he was so bad at keeping secrets! (Open mouth, insert foot) After dinner, we went back to the hotel and the room was covered in rose petals &candles with a bottle of champagne on the table. When I turned around, Andy was on one knee and he asked me to marry him! I was so shocked and taken by surprise. After a glass of champagne, I called my parents (who of course already knew) and then Andy took my phone away so we could have the night to ourselves, or so I thought. He wanted to go out for drinks and we took a cab to Martinis. When I walked in to the bar, all of our friends were there to surprise me and celebrate with us! It was such an amazing night and so thoughtfully planned out by my future husband (and my best friend who I later found out was responsible for decorating our hotel room). Who knew he was so good at keeping a secret.

Wedding colors: Blush pink and gold.

How many bridesmaids: 3 bridesmaids; my sister, my best friend from college, and my future sister-in-law.

Theme of Wedding (if you have one): Rustic/Glam

Wedding Venues: We are getting married at Allerton Park in Monticello. The ceremony will be in the Music Barn and the reception is in the mansion.

Why you chose to shop at Michelle’s Bridal: I had several friends suggest Michelle’s after we chose a location in the Champaign area. I am so glad I listened to them! Everyone at Michelle’s is so sweet and I feel like I am walking in to a party with all of my friends every time I come by. Lauren has been especially amazing! She has been with me every step of finding my dress, getting bridesmaids dresses, and even helping distress some tense situations when needed! I know the entire bridal party from the groomsmen, bridesmaids, mother of the bride, and of course myself will look amazing on the day of thanks to Lauren’s hard work and the wonderful staff at Michelle’s.

Part of your wedding you are most looking forward to: There are so many! Sharing such a special day with all of our family and friends. Seeing my dad’s reaction when he sees me in my dress for the first time. Hearing my groom’s personal vows. And of course, the look on my groom’s face as I’m walking down the aisle.

Where you are going on your honeymoon: Montego Bay, Jamaica


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